Are Odell Beckham Jr. and Russell Westbrook Among the Most Stylish Men in the World?

There are over 3 billion men in the world and GQ Magazine just released a list called "The 13 Most Stylish Men in the World Right Now." How hard was it to narrow down the list of finalists and choose the best-dressed? So many options!

The list was complied by the GQ editorial board and two of the world's biggest athletes made the cut; New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the self-proclaimed 'Fashion King' Russell Westbrook. They join the likes of other stylish men who made the list in the past, like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and George Clooney. What qualifies these athletes? Well the board said the men featured on this year's list are "men who look just as sharp on the street as they do on the red carpet."  And we couldn't agree more. Odell and Russell look sharp every game day, red carpet and have killer street style. 

Odell Beckham Jr.- It's no surprise to us why he made the cut. On the field he's always rocking some pretty cool cleats and off the field he's dancing up a storm looking oh so cute in any ensemble. Plus have you seen him with his shirt off? We're super excited to see what Odell bring to the table on and off the field next NFL season when it comes to style. 

The rowdy Giants wideout dresses as flamboyantly as he plays, but what really sets him apart is the way he tricks out his hair and skin. - GQ

Russell Westbrook- He made the list last year and we all know Russell is fully committed to the fashion game. The self-proclaimed 'Fashion King' always takes risks when it comes to style and it def pays off. He has a unique style and flair of his own and it shows in all aspects of his life. From his pregame outfit to his sunglasses collection to his clothing line at Barney's, there's no denying his impact on fashion. 

Yeah, the clothes themselves are precariously avant-garde. (Six feet of leather, ribbed for his pleasure.) But we love the way he commits to the look. He believes in that cowhide. And when you're walking the fashion tightrope, there's no half-stepping. -GQ

Do you agree? Let us know. 

Are Odell Beckham Jr. and Russell Westbrook Among the Most Stylish Men in the World?
Yes. I would want to steal everything from their closets!
No. What do people really consider style nowadays?
Odell def deserves to be on the list, not Russell.
Russell Westbrook is the 'King' of this fashionable castle. Odell who?
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